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ReSos: Social Responsibility and Sustainability


An BGM, S.L initiativein association with (TheProject)


In order for Business Management to act in accordance with the principles of transparency and inclusiveness and strategic planning expected of Social Responsibility and Sustainability it is nowadays mandatory to pay special attention to the needs of stakeholders, organizations and institutions.

ReSos 2.0 is:

  • a generic program promoted by BGM that helps organizations and institutions in their stakeholders dialog
  • a specialized consultancy service tailored to the clients' needs

ReSos 2.0 program

  • Sessions with experts in knowledge management, collaborative processes and tech applications to promote dialog and value co-creation.
  • Part-time and full-time introductory sessions and workshops.

Consultancy Services ReSos 2.0

  • Building Communities of Practice to improve the relationships between clients, employees, providers, public administrations and the local community.
  • Guidance during the implementation process of Communities of Practice.


  • Stakeholders map and identification of their main expectations.
  • Establishing Communities of Practice related to a particular stakeholder.
  • Follow-up of the results and improvement processes.


  • Building internal shared value within the organization: motivation, loyalty and commitment of the employees.
  • Validation of the stakeholders dialog and effective incorporation of their expectations into the organization strategy.
  • Identifying new market niches and innovative solutions.

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