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Social Responsibility

We consider Social responsibility a strategy which will provide companies, organizations and territories with the skills to manage themselves according to the principles of preservation of the environment, equity for people and economic profit in the long term

When we talk about Social Responsibility we're talking about:

  • going beyond the current regulations
  • being committed to the environment and the people
  • creating value, not only for economic benefit

When we talk about Social Responsibility we are not talking about:

  • Marketing campaigns that just “wash” Social Responsibility
  • Philanthropy and patronage as representative concepts of Social Responsibility
  • Isolated actions without connection to the business or away from the organization's goals.


We Offer:

Strategic Social Responsibility Plans

BGM advices the creation and establishment of Strategic Social Responsibility Plans for institutions, enterprises and organizations. As we consider SR an strategical option it is necessary that organizations acquire skills that bring them further development in this new management paradigm.

Dialog sessions with stakeholders

BGM organizes dialog sessions with the main stakeholders within an organization. The goal of these sessions is always to increase the confidence and to mend policies building upon participants' contributions

Social Responsibility Training

Establish and manage an internal Social Responsibility Department might a task that requires external and objective guidance. Launching programs and training in best practices in SR is another BGM activity.