Law area

Administrative Law Department-Planning

Real State Law

Planning and Urban management require collaboration from different specialties and a deep knowledge of the region's reality, from economic, social and environmental perspectives. An experience of more than years, leading or being part of interdisciplinary teams back up BGM's professional services in our contribution in both Private and Public Adminitration's projects is developed in the following fields:

  • Advice on planning
  • Urban Planning Management and implementation
  • Proceedings of expropriation (assessment, management, monitoring)
  • Constitution and management of Compensation Boards and conservation
  • Writing projects of enlarging the installation

Contentious Administrative area

BGM professionals have proved great ability to speak in defence of the interests of clients under trial in every conflict that may occur due to the Administration, especially those resulting of urbanistic activities.

  • Advice on cases of urban discipline
  • Administrative appeals and litigation regarding urban planning.

Department of environmental law

Environmental law is one of the important matters of administrative law. BGM provides a comprehensive legal advice in this area.

Area of real estate law

Experience and expertise in advising on matters related to real estate and legal business on real estate and real estate companies.